Enjoy Crocodile Trip In Goa

Crocodile TripIn one of the lovely backwaters of Goa 20 kilometres from the capital city of Panaji via the Banastarim Bridge is the Cumbharjua Canal, which houses the fierce yet picturesque crocodiles. The Cumbharjua Canal channels towards the Zuari River and is the tropical residence of the hard sheathed crocs that rule these waters. Passing along the swamp-marshlands of Chorao Island along the continued course from Mandovi River to the Zuari River via the Cumbharjua Canal, many of these gavial and literally laid back reptiles can be found lurking in the shade, resting. Want to have a crocodile trip in Goa? Well, avail our services for the pickup and drop. Goa Taxi Services accord pickup service from respective hotels and organize numerous crocodile trips from the jetty. Our boats take the above mentioned route and sail through the water channels to introduce you to the king of the aquatic food chain. 3 words sum up our strictly organized trips-simple, elegant, convenient. So, get associated with us and avail the benefits of crocodile trip services in Goa.